About the Learning Commons

The Learning Commons unites learning services to better support students’ academic success.

Together in the Learning Commons, learning services (such as library research support, writing instruction, learning skills and careers services) collaborate to offer students enriched support and learning resources. The Learning Commons services support students as they develop the many skills, tactics, and strategies required for success in university and beyond.

The Learning Commons is:

An integrated approach to academic supports and services

  • The Learning Commons offers support for students in the form of appointments, drop-in consultations, online modules and workshops.
  • The Learning Commons provides support on areas such as writing, research, learning skills, time management, career skills, etc.
  • The Learning Commons also offers online learning resources, such as SPARK.

A space in the Scott Library

  • The Learning Commons Hub is located on the 2nd floor of the Scott Library, and is home to drop-in pods for Research Help, Writing Instruction, Learning Skills and Career Services, as well as an Information Desk for general questions.

A partner for instructors

  • The Learning Commons collaborates with instructors (faculty and TAs) to assist in embedding academic literacies instruction in course and program curricula.

The Learning Commons is a collaboration of the following units:

For questions related to the Learning Commons, please contact Sophie Bury, Associate Librarian, York University Libraries.